Sessions and Wellness Plans

Swedish, Deep Tissue, Thai Yoga Massage

                             In office         In Home

60 minute session......$105            $125

75 minute session......$130            $150

90 minute session......$155            $175

Reiki Energy Healing

45 minute session......$75              $95

*at least one in-office visit required before an in home visit may be made*

Monthly Commitment

Commit to your wellness and save! Pre-book for the month with a commitment plan. 

Massage Therapy                     1hour        75 minute    90 minute

2 Massage Sessions per month    $200.00    $250.00    $300.00

3 Massage Sessions per month    $285.00    $360.00    $435.00

4 Massage Sessions per month    $365.00    $460.00    $560.00

Reiki Healing              45 minute

2 sessions per month    $145.00

3 sessions per month    $215.00

4 sessions per month    $280.00

Chakra Healing 7 Session Series

In need of total energy retuning? Balance and heal each chakra one at a time with a series of weekly sessions, each week focusing on one chakra. 

7 sessions...............$455         

SAHAi Holistic is Self-Certified and is, as always, committed to following the necessary guidelines to keep its clients safe and healthy. So what can one expect from a socially safe massage, bodywork, or energywork session? Well, the same as you would expect from any pre-pandemic session, with the addition of a few PPE measures and added sanitation. Below are the guidelines laid out by CT Reopens for the safe conducting of Therapeutic touch services


Customers are required to bring and wear masks or cloth face coverings that completely cover the nose and mouth unless doing so would be contrary to his or her health or safety due to a medical condition

Clean and disinfect before and after each use: NOTE: Store tools in closed containers or drawers when not in use. PERSONAL SERVICES • Door handles • Chairs/stools • Light switches • Counter tops • Treatment tables • Trolleys • Face cradles • Product dispensers • Bolsters • Waterproof barrier under the sheet • Soft surfaces like fleece pads, etc., should not be placed between the waterproof barrier and the sheet unless they can be laundered in between clients

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